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the white house calling on president obama to reject the keystone xl tar sands pipeline. we will speak with michael brune and actress daryl hannah, both arrested on wednesday. then to rain, were a teenager has been shot dead by security forces as protesters mark the second anniversary of their pro- democracy uprising. finally, 1 billion rising. >> i just want you to imagine today that when you dance, when you put your bodies on the ground, your feet -- you move your body and soul, that we are literally dancing up the will of the world to end violence against women and girls. >> we will go to congo to speak with eve ensler, founder of 1 billion rising and v day. all of that and more coming up. this is "democracy now!," democracynow.org, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. in rain, a teenage boy has been killed by security forces during protests marking the second anniversary of the country's pro-democracy uprising. opposition activists said the boy died from shotgun wounds. at least 87 people have died at the hands of security forces in the gulf nation since 2011. despite the cra
they receive information from the white house on president obama's actions after the attack of benghazi. the republican senators had agreed to allow a vote when lawmakers return after the president's day recess. >> he is known worldwide as the blade runner. oscar pistorius faces murder charges. south african police arrested him after his girlfriend was found shot to death in his pretoria home early this morning. he became a household name after competing in the 2012 olympic relay in london. her uncle says her family is devastated. >> we are in shock. her whole life of what she could achieve came to an end. >> police have responded to several domestic violence calls at his home. he is in police custody and will appear in court tomorrow. >> tonight we're getting a first look at conditions inside the damaged carnival cruise ship. now being towed back to shore at a painfully slow process to bring the boat and its passengers to alabama. it has not been easy. a cable broke at one point today, is that right? >> that is right. these people are so close that several hours -- customs agents board
. >> narrator: obama and boehner met in secret. the speaker entered the white house through a side entrance. >> well, that was boehner's decision, not ours obviously. it's not every day that the speaker comes to see the president quietly and says, "i'm willing to do a deal" that everybody knows is going to be dangerous for him politically. >> narrator: the talks were kept secret from eric cantor and the new republicans. >> he's keeping it a secret from eric cantor. he knows how risky this is. boehner kept telling obama, "i'm taking a giant risk." you know, "we're risking the speakership because of this." >> narrator: the president and the speaker, one-on-one, trying to reinvent the size and cost of government. >> boehner calls these the "nicorettes and merlot sessions." as boehner says, the president is having iced tea and chewing a nicorette. and boehner is having a glass of merlot red wine and smoking a cigarette. >> narrator: raising the debt ceiling was part of it, but they hoped for more-- long-lasting tax reform and entitlement cuts-- what became known as the "grand bargain." >> if th
're looking pretty good heading into the upcoming weekend. >> that's good to hear. >>> president obama is already laying out his post presidential plans. we'll tell you what he said. >>> plus, members of the kennedy clan arrested outside the white house. details coming up next. >>> plus, the ivillage sex quiz. whose more satisfied when it comes to sex, men or women? we'll have the answer in two minutes. >>> welcome back. now to some other stories that caught our eye this morning. the pentagon will roll out medals for members of the military who contribute without action on the front lines. it's called the distinguishing warfare medals. >>> a kennedy was back at the white house but this time in handcuffs. r.f.k. jr. was there. his 18-year-old son connor and darryl hanna were also taken into custody. >>> president obama is laying out plans for life after the white house. he told the crowd in alabama he's looking forward to playing a little golf, firing and bash coug. >>> and new york mayer bloomberg wants a permanent ban on plastic containers. >>> overseas to georgia where things got hea
to be president obama's new pentagon chief unless the white house gives more information on the deadly attack in september on the consulate in benghazi, libya. hague sell a former republican senator from nebraska and twice wounded vietnam combat veteran. democrats hold a 55-45 edge in the senate but they need the support of five republicans to clear the way for up-or-down vote. >> medical personnel will be needing the 4,000 people above the crippled carnival cruise ship when it docks in alabama this morning. it is towed slowly from the gulf of mexico by two tugboats after a crippling engine fire on sunday. food is scarce, there is no air conditioning, and bathrooms are backing up. in new orleans there are 15,000 hotel rooms and passengers get a full refund and discounts on future cruises. >> baking barriers with baseball. >> and a big event in the san francisco zoo in time for valentine's >> good morning, everyone. >> you can see in this shot power is out right now to the entire island, middle part of your screen is all dark. that is treasure island. this is a look from the camera on mount ta
want to stay away from that. bill karins, thank you. >>> president obama is laying out his post-presidential plans. we'll tell you what he said. >>> plus, members of the kennedy clan arrested outside the white house. details on that. >>> plus, the i-village sex quiz. who is satisfied more when it comes to sex, men or women? details on that in two minutes. >>> welcome back. here are other stories making news this morning. the pentagon will roll out medals for members of the military who contribute without action on the front lines. it's called the distinguished war fair medal and will be awarded to among others remote pilots of unmanned predator drones. >>> a kennedy was back at the white house yesterday but this time in handcuffs. r.f.k. jr. was one of four dozen arrested at the rally of the keystone pipeline. his 18-year-old son conor and darryl hanna were also taken into custody there. >>> president obama is laying out plans for life after the white house. he told the crowd in alabama he's looking forward to playing a little more golf, fishing and barbecuing. >>> new york ma m
. >> if a deal is not reached between congress and the white house, the pentagon faces $46 billion in budget cuts over seven months beginning in march. the defense department would also face additional cuts next year and beyond. >> president obama this morning will travel to decatur, georgia tech visit pre-k students and then speak at a recreation center. is afternoon he returns to the white house to take part in a fireside hang out on google+ to discuss a state of the union address and to interact. it starts at 4:50 p.m. and will be streamed live on the white house web site for along with his youtube and google+ pages. >> the postal service puts congress in an interesting predicament with its decision to end saturday delivery. >> can possible merger between u.s. airways and american. linda bell joining us from bloomberg headquarters in new york. anne valentine data you. >> happy valentine's day. looks like it's finally nearing an end. directors have voted on the merger approved $11 billion deal yesterday. this sets the stage for an announcement later today. the combined airline will fly under th
the state of the union address. >>> and in north carolina wednesday, president obama talked about life after the white house. >> after this whole presidency thing, well, we're looking for a little spot to, yeah -- come on down. play a little golf. do a little hiking, fishing, barbecue. >> and that's your morning dish of scrambled politics. now for a look at the national weather, here's bill karins. >> he'll never have to campaign again. he's already thinking about life after the white house. >> that has to be a relief, right? win or lose, horrible. good morning, everyone. valentine's day is herement we have a little snow to cover the ground in a few spots of portions of pennsylvania, new jersey and then right through southern new england. this wasn't a lot. most of the cities were warm enough that it melted on the pavement and it's gone. that is it. a quick shot. it didn't produce much besides beautiful snowflakes yesterday especially around bethesda, maryland. we get a shot of cold air. there is no big storms between now and the weekend. we are going to see a change in the temperatures. it'
manager here in the obama white house, the ipab is the single biggest yielding of power since the creation of the federal reserve. that's an astonishing statement when you hear about it. that's why i'm so passionate about maintaining the decisionmaking power with patients and with their families and their doctor and not some bureaucratic board up here and also certainly not insurance companies. i agree with that. and i think that -- and i think the other comment that i've seen made, the independent payment advisory board puts important health care payment and policy decisions in the hands of an independent body that has far too little accountability. that's one of the things you may like it or not, but we in congress have been able to change these things. it will require a 60 votes in the senate to do it. quite frankly, with my good friends on the other side of the building here, you can't get 60 senators to agree whether the sun came up in the east. so the benchmark is very, very high. i want to finish -- mr. speaker, how much time do we have remaining? the speaker pro tempore: the gentle
. he will making preschool available in programs like head start. now after he goes back to the white house today, president barack obama will take part in a fire side hide out with google plus and people all over the country can do the same thing after last year. fire side is a take off on what franklin did on his chats and this is scheduled for 1:00 p.m. our time. >>> they plan to have drones flying over the county. sheriff gregory wants to use the drones for things like bomb threats, hostage standoffs and search and rescue operations but critics are already fighting this citing privacy concerns. >>> there are four battery swapping stations which are now in limbo. the silicone valley start up re given a federal grant to start the electric taxi network and now they are scaling down focusing on israel and denmark. they are trying to determine if the idea was feasible and apparently it was not. >>> we will talk about a fair hike idea which could raise as much as $7 million in the next few years. if it is approved fares will go up 5% next year and new increases will take place straight
the president obama defeated for the white house the first time around, john mccain. >> that's right. after that election, a lot of republicans thought that mccain and obama would form some type of an alliance. that mccain would work with the white house. that has not happened. mccain and obama do not get along. mccain has complained that over the years the white house would not reach out to him on immigration reform. so mccain now working with other senators on the democratic side and republican side on immigration. there has been no alliance between john mccain and president obama. jon: again so interesting that a former republican senator is getting held up by primarily by people he used to be arm in arm with, his fellow republicans in the senate. >> yes. jon: we'll keep an eye on this story. bob cusack from "the hill." thank you. >> thanks, jon. jenna: u.s. general john allen announcing he is retiring as nato supreme allied commander in europe. was it his decision? was he pushed out? what is the real backstory here? we have a live report ahead. >>> also a brutal brawl at an oregon skati
the president, but you were talking about following his reelection, white students yelled racial slurs. obama won 10% of the white vote in mississippi 15% in alabama. you say opponents of the d.r.a. argued the president no longer need special constitutional protections. then when you talk about these ugly attempts at voter suppression, you can't make that argument anymore can they? >> it's quite the opposite in fact that voter suppression efforts flourished after obama's election. this is when the gop started pushing these things most aggressively. throughout history the reconstruction period, minorities have had the loudest voice in the government, that's when voter suppression efforts have been the fiercist. if you look at states subject to section five, six of the nine states fully covered by section five primarily in the south passed new voting restrictions since the 2010 election, compared to one third of the states that passed voting restrictions that aren't covered by section five. clearly the obamas, mississippis texass and virginias of the world are different in the cope of the world
the joke. it's over. >> dana: what the white house should have done, they should have had president obama send rubio case of water with a handwritten note. that would have been a nice fun little touch to do. instead of being a jerk. >> andrea: also, it's not just marco rubio. the left is also going ben carson who spoke at the prayer breakfast and rush limbaugh and allen west had thoughts on the democrats' attack of him. >> eric: he violated the unwritten rule of being the african-american male and he criticized the policies of president obama. we have to start talking about policies failing the country. dr. carson, hat tipped to him for having the platform, and being able to challenge the followers. >> the left cannot handle opposition. particularly on ideas. they know they lose rate. they find it difficult to demonize carson. obama campaign team get in gear if he keeps talking and they will find way to smear him and ruin his life. >> andrea: what do you think? does he have a point? >> bob: no. they won. rush should keep it in mind. dr. carson was different than the rest of the guys. he r
new programs. tara mergener for cbs news, the white house. >>> the impending automatic budget cuts are threatening current head start programs. the obama administration warns that 70,000 students could be kicked out if those cuts take effect. >>> mayor vincent gray says he's making schools in the district a priority. he plans to increase the funding in public education by 2% next year. gray says an investment in our children is investment in the future of d.c.'s economy. >>> the death of an elderly man in alexandria is now a murder investigation. 94-year-old elmer joe roehrs was found dead in his delray home last night. now the neighbors can't understand why anyone would want to kill such a kindly man everybody knew as joe. he lived with his 87-year-old wife. their home was broken into last november and in a bizarre twist police arrested 45-year-old marie maybell johnson thursday morning in connection to that home burglary. she's not been charged with any other crimes related to the murder. >>> and a mystery soon to be resolved, finally sometime next week we may learn what the prob
on a filibuster and was waiting to see whether the white house will respond to a letter requesting more information about not hagel, but about obama's actions and orders the night of the benghazi attack. quote, we are hoping to get an answer to a simple question. and what did the president do during benghazi is now becoming a rallying cry. >> know the debate on chuck hagel is not over. it has not been serious. we don't have the information we need. and i am going to fight the idea of jamming somebody through. i'm going to hit you and keep hitting you, absolutely! you're not going to get away with not answering basic questions. >> the vote is going to be close. and senate democrats are bracing themselves for republicans denying them 60 votes. two republican senators are supporting hagel's confirmation. a third senator, suzanne collins, said she will not support a filibuster, though she came out against hagel yesterday, saying this. "i do not believe his past positions, votes, and statements match the positions of our times." the white house remains confident it can get 60 votes and beat
nomination to be president obamas defense secretary unless the white house give them more formation about what the president was doing on the night of the deadly attack on the u.s. diplomatic mission in benghazi, libya. >> the senate majority leader harry reid has set the stage for a full senate vote on hagfel. >> read filed a motion wednesday to limit debate and force a vote, which is expected tomorrow. >> democrats held a 55-45 edge in the senate, but they need the support of five republicans to clear the way for the up or down vote. >> coming up on the kron 4 morning news watching bay area weather and traffic. a quick check of your forecast and morning commute coming up in two minutes. plus, new numbers out this morning revealed how many american women are using the morning after pill. the will talk about the new federal report. >> and it will cost you more to go to the hockey game now. how end a celtic is compared be a developing story a shooting at an elementary school in san leandro. let us turn to our solo reporter jackie sissel let's just arrived of the scene. >> good morning mark
put forward are falling flat with republicans. our report tonight from white house correspondent peter alexander. >> reporter: road testing his new economic plan on a day trip to north carolina, president obama toured this auto parts plant near asheville, canadian company expanding its operations here. >> i believe in manufacturing. i think it makes our country stronger. >> reporter: republicans today charged mr. obama's speech last night, rehashed the same old partisan rhetoric. >> another retread of lip service and liberalism. for a democratic president entering his second term, it was simply unequal to the moment. >> reporter: the president used the first state of the union of his second term to lay out an ambitious agenda. >> it is not a bigger government we need, but a smarter government -- >> reporter: with calls to combat climate change through the use of cleaner energy, provide high-quality preschool for every child in america. and raise the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $9 an hour. the white house says would affect 15 million americans. but it's a move republicans insist
. at devry.edu. ♪ >>> president obama's cabinet is starting to look like the white house version of the lonely heart's club. it's thursday, february 14th, valentine's day, and this is "now." >>> joining me today author and radio host of the nationally syndicated studio 360, curt anderson, msnbc contributor and queen bee of the grio.com joy reid, politico senior political reporter, the intrepid maggie haberman, nicknames galore, and host of msnbc's "the cycle" steve cornacke. >> these days for republicans all roads lead to benghazi. senator lindsey graham and fellow senate republicans are blocking a confirmation vote on chuck hagel as secretary of defense until the white house provides more information on something that has nothing to do with chuck hagel. >> i am going to fight the idea of jamming somebody through until we get answers about what the president did personally when it came to the benghazi debacle. >> just to be clear, according to senator lindsey graham, a 38-day confirmation process is the ekwifl ens of jamming somebody through. hagel's confirmation was approved by
. [ male announcer ] make sure america's ready. make sure you're ready. at devry.edu. ♪ >>> president obama's cabinet is starting to look like the white house version of the lonely heart's club. it's thursday, february 14th, valentine's day, and this is "now." >>> joining me today author and radio host of the nationally syndicated studio 360, curt anderson, msnbc contributor and queen bee of the grio.com joy reid, politico senior political reporter, the intrepid
answers from the white house about the september attack in benghazi, libya. in a statement today, white house spokesman josh earnest reaffirmed president obama's support for hagel. and said: late today, reid forced a vote on breaking the fillibuster. the current defense secretary leon panetta who'd been due to leave his post today has said he will stay on until his successor is confirmed. and, at a ceremony honoring for and late today the president said it was unfortunate to have politics intrude while he's still presiding over a war in afghanistan. to help us understand the implications, the politics and what's next, we turn to pentagon reporter mark thompson of "time" magazine. and todd zwillich of public radio international's "the takeaway." welcome back, gentlemen, todd, begin with you. decode for us what happened today. i mean, the republicans told harry reid they had the votes to block the nomination-- block consideration of the nomination, yet he forced it to a vote in the amp anyway. why? >> he did. well, there are different imperatives floating around all cornerings of this vot
the tea party and you could end up like the last candidate they targeted for destruction barack obama. [laughter] hmm. think about it. [ laughter ] clearly -- clearly, the republican party is tearing itself in half. i guess nobody remembers this guy, ronald reagan, the white marco rubio. [laughter] he had a little something called "the eleventh commandment." "thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow republican." that's all over now and i could mean only one thing. >> civil war. >> the president of citizens united declared the civil war has begun. >> it's full-on gop warfare. it's gop civil war. >> stephen: yes, gop civil war. of course, the first thing they'll have to fight over is which side gets the confederate flag. [laughter] so, as a conservative, i guess i have to choose sides. karl and i have had some good times, we buried that hooker. [laughter] but deep down, my heart is with the tea party. well, maybe not my heart. what organ produces bile. gall bladder, i guess. i don't know. i believe that republicans can not wuss out here. they need to charge ahead and take even more conser
? chief white house correspondent ed henry takes a look. >> day two of president obama hitting the road to sell an agenda he thinks has a good shot of passing congress and turning around the economy. >> on tuesday i delivered my "state of the union" address and i laid out a plan for reignating what i believe is the true engine of america economic growth. a thriving, growing rising middle class. >> reality check from speaker john boehner who is declaring it's largely dead on arrival. >> notably it lacked any new ideas. he hoped to millions of americans asking question: where are the jobs? >> he taking aim to boost the minimum wage from $7.25 to $9. which the white house is framing as boon to middle class. >> an idea that governor romney and i agreed on last year. tie minimum wage to the cost of living so it becomes a wage to live on. >> except there is disagreement from even mark xandy, economist that the white house touted for previous endorsement of the 2009 stimulus and the 2011 american jobs act. xandy says higher minimum wage could boost some income it will lead some employers to st
's not because there are more southern white people but more have been driven away. >> we also saw after obama's election--this is the big thing that obama got 80% of the minority vote in 2008. and republicans thought we can't get that minority vote. let's try to suppress it instead. instead. then there was this campaign under the radar by conservatives to pump money into groups whose express burns is to challenge laws like the voting right act. there is a whole checks to find cases, challenge it, and they now have a receptive ear with john roberts as chief justice. >> john: can you explain who ed blum is and what his role is in challenging the voting right act. >> he runs a group that is set up to challenge laws like affirmative action. blum is a guy who is a stockbroker. he ran for congress in texas. he lost. he decided the "e" voting right acts was the reason why he lost. he lost to an african-american so he decided he didn't like the voting right acts. he has gotten money from a consortium from "donors trust ." it gets money from a who's who including charles koch of the koch brothers. and
they handcuffed themselves to the white house gates today, protesting the keystone oil pipeline. that comes one day after president obama made climate change a priority issue during his state of the union address. no, i wasn't there but the organization that i'm involved with, rain forest action network, their people were there. and -- >> so when you heard the president speak last night about climate change and that we must do something about climate change, was that enough for you? >> no, no. i mean, look, i'm a huge supporter of obama's. it's the first president i ever donated money to. but i think in terms of climate change and the environment, he's been at best disappointing. i thought it was decent rhetoric and i don't know if there's any teeth to this but, you know, look, it's complicated. he can't -- i think politicians feel like it's political suicide to be talking about the environment. the time has come when we're in a planetary emergency here. i think he could be using the bully pulpit more here. >> last night he said for the sake of our children and future we must do more to combat
might want to -- after white house, maybe the next stop, asheville. >> obama: after this whole presidency thing -- [ cheering ] looking for a little spot to -- come on down. playing a little golf. do a little hiking, fishing. barbecue. >> bill: speaking of the barbecue, we were wondering yesterday if he would get off the plane and go right to 12 bones as did he before, peter and i have been to 12 bones. it is worth a flight on air force i just to get there. well, he did not. i was disappointed. on the way into the factory he didn't stop. on the way back, he didn't stop but we learned later that they sent the advance team out to 12 bones to get takeout for air force i so they flew back to washington enjoying their 12 bones ribs. yes indeed. not bad. >> we got a tweet from our friend in asheville mccray hilliard who said i got to see p.o.t.u.s. in the factory today. even got a hand shake. he gave a big shout out to 12 bones. it was a great experience. >> bill: is that right? we give a shout out to asheville senator sheldon whitehouse will be with us this hour and we hope to be ta
% of the domestic airline traffic. >>> a showdown in the senate is looming over president obama's choice as the next secretary of defense. democratic leaders are expected to force a vote on the nomination of chuck hagel tomorrow. some republicans say they'll vote no unless the white house provides more information about the benghazi attack. however, hagel is expected to get the 60 votes needed for approval. >>> also president obama answers questions in a google powered fireside hangout this afternoon, two days after he delivered the big state of the union address. it will be streamed live starting at 4:50 eastern time. >>> an ailing pope benedict celebrated his last public mass at st. peter's basilica. the pope was visibly moved by the thunderous applause and in his final homily, the pope warned about internal church rivalries and thanked the faithful for their support. >>> millions of christians marked the beginning of lent by getting ashes on the foreheads in observance of ash wednesday. >> and an episcopal church made it extra convenience for those with a busy schedule. drive-through ashes. you h
obama but tonight he's throwing a political fund-raiser that raises chris christie's profile in silicon valley. meg whitman is another tech supporter of christie's and in a run for white house our political analyst says a base of support can serve christie well. >> we've seen it already in california they can put up a lot of money for moderate republican candidates. >> chris christie will need cash. conservative republicans represent a significant more to the conservative's liking, governor christie one of the most-popular among contenders is marco rubio. last night in his response he missed an opportunity. >> nothing frustrated me one like false promises like the one the president laid out tonight. >> not just awkward water moment. he spent minutes in the national spotlight rehashingfáñ argument frtz romney campaign. >> this was his chance to introduce him stofl a national audience. >> one organization is unhappy about the head of facebook raising money for a governor who cut funding for womens' health care services. >> 58% of facebook users are women, we're here to send a message w
airlines. >>> republican leadership today rallied against president obama's call to raise the minimum wage to $9 an hour. house speaker john boehner says an increase in minimum wage will translate to a decrease in jobs. the white house estimates boosting the minimum wage would help 15 million low-nfk workers. the last federal minimum wage increase was signed into law in 2007. it raise it had minimum wage from 5.15 to 7.25 in a three-sthech process that ended in 2009. >>> on wall street today stocks finished mixed. nasdaq gained ten. >>> today sis ko reported earnings that were slightly better than wall streetest mats. the san jose-based maker of compute and her networking gear said its adjusted earnings for $2.7 billion compared to 2.6 billion for the same quarter one year ago. >>> our exclusive ktvu field poll turned up some intregs findings on taxing sugary drinks. 53% of voters say they oppose a generic tax on sugary befrmgs but support jumped to 68% if voters are told the money would go towards school new trigs and fitness program. however voters in richmond defeated such a tax last no
's work with honest wages. gerri: president obama pushing for a higher minimum wage. i will break down how his latest plan is just another job killer from this white house. and we will get one small business owners take. stay wt us. today is gonna be an important day for us. you ready? weanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms how bout ya, joe? let's go ahead and bring it online. attention on sit attention on site. now starting unit nine. some of the world's cleanest gas turbines are now powering some of america's biggest cities. emens. answers. to find you a great deal, even if it's not with us. [ ding ] oh, that's helpful! well, our company does that, too. actually, we invented that. it's like a sauna in here. helping you save, even if it's not with us -- now, that's progressive! call or click today. mas pantalones! gerri: breaking news for you tonight. the predators of the bankrupt american airlines has approved the 11 billion-dollar merger with u.s. airways credit up to the boards of both companies to approve the deal. expect a final an
. zuckerberg who declined to state any political affiliation has hosted a town hall for president obama. tonight is the first time he has held a political fundraiser. griffin is another tech supporter for cristies. in a run for the white house a base of support in the bay area could serve christie well. >> we have seen it in the elections in california they can put up a lot of monitor moderate republican candidates. >> reporter: chris christie will immediate cash. the pictures of him standing with the president after superstorm sandy won't play well with conservative republicans. along with christie one of the most popular is florida senator marco rubio. in in his responseshire his to the state of the union he missed an opportunity. >> in the short time i have been here in washington nothing has frustrated me more than false choices like the one the president laid out tonight. >> reporter: no, it was not just the awkward water moment. he spent his minutes in the national spot light rehashing arguments from the romney campaign. >> this was his chance to introduce himself to a national au
't. matt gutman, abc news, mobile, alabama. >>> a showdown in the senate is looming over president obama's choice of the next defense secretary. democratic leaders are expected to force a vote on the nomination of chuck hagel tomorrow. some republicans say they'll vote no unless the white house provides more information on the benghazi attack. but hagel is expected to get the 60 votes needed for approval. >>> and there's a delay in the vote to confirm john brennan as head of cia. the top democratic lawmaker is demanding more details about deadly drone strikes against terror targets. last week, brennan defended the strikes in his confirmation testimony. but also said he welcomed more discussion on the controversial program. >>> meanwhile, the military has approved a new medal for members involved in drone strikes and cyber warfare. the new distinguished warfare medal outranks the bronze star, which is the fourth-highest medal for valor. and is usually awarded for heroic action on the battlefield. defense secretary panetta says it recognizes the current realities of war. >>> another drug t
. he didn't help me. obama? all i want obama is do it is fix the long island progressiveway and so i can get to work and he won't do it? >> you are a white guy. >> do you think. >> you got a college degree, a car, gas, you could get to scranton, pennsylvania. >> bill: on a college degree i paid for. >> fine so did i. >> bill: i didn't have any money when i got out. i had to move to scranton to make a living and i did. >> that is a death sentence right there to begin with. >> bill: you just insulted scranton. >> that's the nice thing about the show can i insult whoever i want to including you. >> bill: here is my beef. i don't want the federal government running the economy investing in green energy. let the private sector do that if the private sector invests money in something the government feels is worthy, give them a tax credit. i'm for that but obama wants to run the economy. and that's where all the money is going. and it isn't working. not working. >> the private sector is not working. the big private sector is not taking care of the job of getting this economy going again. >>
tonight over president obama's nomination to be the next defense secretary. republicans have blocked a vote on confirmation for chuck hagel. they insist they want more answers from the white house about the deadly terrorist attack on the u.s. mission on ben ghazi, libya. >>> time now for a quick look at the stories you'll find in the baltimore sun. 12 things to help you survive the last month of winter. >>> reviews of this week's new movies. and more reports from the orioles spring training camp, in sunny sarasota. for these stories and more, read tomorrow's baltimore sun. and remember, you can look for the updated forecast, from wjz's first warning weather team. >>> a mother's plea for help echoes around the world. now, one columbia family is swamped with letters for noah. the cards and well wishes are designed to end bullying. >> reporter: in month, she learned that noah was cutting himself and had posted a suicide note online. she needed to do something fast. >> i put it out there. i was desperate. it was a survival plea. >> she came up with
caused the outage in the first place. president obama will discuss his "state of the union" address and people who have been selected will take part in the chat. ago is taking questions for the president through the white house youtube channel. >> chris christie has wrapped up a two day fundraising tour of san francisco with a visit to silicon valley. demonstrators surrounded the event hosted the scene palo alto home of mark zuckerberg speaking out against his cuts to women's health services. guests paid $3,800 each to get to the fundraiser and goes to christie's re-election race. zuckerberg and christie's connection go back several years and zuckerberg donated $100 million to newark public schools in 2010789. >> pets are getting more than hugs and kisses on valentine's day. >> they are being pampered. here is jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> good morning, more improvement in the housing market with foreclosures dropping 7 percent in january and down 28 percent from a year ago. partly because of new laws protecting california homeowners but the reverse in florida wit
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